Trending topics: active military personnel and veterans enjoy Firewise benefits

Blog Post created by michelesteinberg Employee on Jul 11, 2016

DisclosureSave.JPGIf you're a military veteran or in active duty, first - thank you for your service! In case you haven't been following the wildfire safety news the way that we do at NFPA, you may be excited to learn that our programs and our partners are helping you and your families make it easier to be Firewise.


An announcement on July 7 by DisclosureSave, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Myriad Development, capped off a week of great news about the benefits that can come from being Firewise. DisclosureSave operates in California and produces the required Natural Hazard Disclosure reports for most real estate transactions. In April, they began using Firewise information to inform prospective buyers about whether their property is inside or outside of a Firewise Communities/USA site. They now provide a discount for their Natural Hazard Disclosure product to resident military personnel, active and veteran.


DisclosureSave is following the lead of USAA, a major property/casualty insurer that serves military personnel, veterans and their families. On June 30, they announced their homeowners insurance premium discount for members living in Firewise Communities/USA sites in Oregon, making this the 5th state where USAA rewards members for being part of a proactive neighborhood. The other states are California, Arizona, Texas and Colorado.


And speaking of Colorado, on July 6, NFPA announced that the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs has become the first military installation in the country to earn Firewise Communities/USA recognition. Each year, the Academy experiences numerous small fires from lightning strikes, training exercises and arson. While most are only nuisance events, wildfires on and near the Academy have disrupted training exercises and even resulted in the Academy's closure and evacuation of residents and employees. Recognition comes after many years of work by Academy personnel along with federal partners to reduce fuels, setting a great example for other military bases to address wildfire safety in their housing developments. The recognition also enables resident USAA members to enjoy the Firewise insurance discount.


Learn more about the Firewise Communities/USA program and all its benefits at www.firewise.org/usa.