NFPA Journal column reflects on Fort McMurray fires and business continuity

Blog Post created by luciandeaton Employee on Jul 12, 2016

Wildfire cover photo NFPA Journal July16 WildfireWatch column.jpgThe July/August NFPA Journal is out and in its latest WildfireWatch Column, I consider the role of business continuity planning when a wildfire not only forces the evacuation of 90,000 plus people and consumes over 2,400 structures, but also immediately shutters a 1/3rd of a country’s oil production.


The early May wildfires around Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada, were finally announced as contained on July 6th.  They shut down Canada’s oil-sands production hub and is still not fully back online due to those fires and evacuation of employees from the nearby production camps to accommodate thousands of fleeing residents.  The economic impacts on the Alberta province will be seen for awhile.


In the column, I explore the impact of a wildfire, beyond homes, and argue that business continuity planning should recognize its voice in wildfire preparedness and outreach messaging.


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