Firewise is making a difference in Waterford, Texas

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Jul 13, 2016

How can a community work together to lessen their risk of loss due to a wildfire event?  One of the best ways, as exemplified in this story about Waterford, Texas is to work collaboratively with some of the local land managing agencies Waterford, Texas.jpgand fire departments to see through their eyes what the community’s risk is.  Becoming a recognized Firewise Community takes you through the steps of completing an assessment of the weak links in the community by looking at the homes and the landscape surrounding the homes, identifying areas that need attention.  As the community works through that plan of action to address risk identified in the community assessment based upon Firewise principles they can become more resilient over time. You can apply now to become a recognized Firewise Community and if you have any questions about the process you can contact your State Firewise Liaison or the NFPA. 


Waterford at Lago Vista, Texas

Waterford held a community meeting for Firewise Day. Eric Kruger of the US Fish & Wildlife Service presented a talk on what has been done to reduce fuels and wildfire risk in the Northshore area. Roger Conway, Fire and Safety Committee, presented a talk on the Ready, Set, Go! Program and procedures. Information booklets were distributed to all participants.


Waterford says, “We owe the establishment of Firewise guidelines to the efforts of Eric Kruger, US Fish and Wildlife Service Balcones Canyonlands NWR and Dan McAllister, Asst. Fire Chief North Lake Travis Fire and Rescue. Their guidance and initial assessment of our community facilitated developing clear Firewise guidelines that help mitigate the fueling potential of future fires by simply removing debris, assuring limbs are removed from trees 6’ from the ground, and establishing firebreaks. Continued education provided by NFPA, through webinars, is invaluable to our community homeowners in accessing proven and new fire prevention techniques.”


                                                                                                                Photo submitted by the Waterford Firewise Community inTexas