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DotEarth.JPGUnder the heading "Resilience," Dot Earth blog author Andrew Rivkin has assembled a compendium of "Burning Issues Confronting California," in his quest to cover changes in policies and strategies on how our country's most fireprone regions cope with the reality of wildfire.

According to Rivkin, a long-time Times journalist and a Senior Fellow for Environmental Understanding at Pace University's Pace Academy for Applied Environmental Studies, he is "in the middle of writing a longer piece on proposed strategies for 'living with fire' in regions like southern California - which are inherently prone to fire and face a growing hazard under trends linked to global warming."


His post weaves together informed opinion, policy debate, compelling videos, and a re-imagining of the wildfire safety icon, Smokey Bear. Among the videos is NFPA's own short piece starring recently-retired Forest Service researcher Dr. Jack Cohen, showing how you can help your home survive a wildfire.


Unlike many opinion blogs, the 50+ comments you can read there are by and large thoughtful and worth reviewing. I look forward to more from Rivkin on this important topic.

FireWise_Version1.jpgDiscover the three distinct areas surrounding residences that comprise the home ignition zone and learn the role mitigation and maintenance play in improving the chances of homes surviving a wildfire during the next Ask an Expert workshop on Tuesday, August 16. This one-hour look into the three unique zones will leave you viewing your landscape through a different set of eyes.


The Firewise Ask an Expert virtual workshop series provides conference quality, free learning opportunities for wildfire stakeholders, by connecting them with leading researchers and practitioners in a live interactive format. Each hour-long session features a 45-minute wildfire related topic and closes with 15 minutes of questions received directly from live participants.


The Get to Know the Home Ignition Zone session features Ask an Expert guest Gary Marshall, one of NFPA’s Wildfire Field Reps.


Advance registration is required.


2016 Calendar

Workshop #1 - Wednesday, July 27 at 1pm MDT:  Power of Embers with Steve Quarles, PH.D., IBHS Research Center

Workshop #2 - Tuesday, August 16 at 1pm MDT:  Home Ignition Zone

Workshop #3 - Thursday, September 16 at Noon MDT:  Understanding Insurance in the Wildland Urban Interface

Workshop #4 - Tuesday, October 11 at 11am MDT:  Community Risk Reduction Success Stories

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