Firewise is making a difference in Hidden Lake at Ocate, New Mexico

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Aug 10, 2016

Firewise Communities have engaged in a variety of activities to share how residents can create more resilient communities in the event of a wildland fire.


Some have created some great products on their own to improve their ability to communicate the Firewise preparedness message including e-newsletters, online surveys and in this case a beautiful video that was produced with grant funding.  We all have the opportunity to create unique products. The NFPA's Firewise website can provide you with a host of resources and materials to be successful as you develop your own unique outreach materials and educational events.


Hidden Lake at Ocate, New Mexico

On Firewise Day, Hidden Lake Firewise Committee conducted a Hazards in the Home Ignition Zone assessment for Spyglass condos and submitted a report. The group also provided Firewise brochures and information at the annual HOA meetings, and at the Angel Fire Resort HOA meeting.


The Colfax County Coalition of Firewise Communities (CCCFC) received a grant from the New Mexico Association of Counties (NMAC) to develop a 5-7 minute video of Firewise actions, and identifying hazards in the home ignition zone. The video makes a direct appeal to homeowners to take control of their environment and become stewards of their piece of the forest. It discusses the threat of fire, why it has become worse in the last 100 years, outlines the concepts and actions of the Ready, Set, Go! program, and makes a case for how quickly a healthy environment can come back from a fire. The video is called “Saving the Mountain, Saving Your Home” and is available on YouTube.


Hidden Lake says, "Through our educational efforts we are making our residents aware of the hazards surrounding their homes and the dangerous conditions in the dense forests, with closely spaced trees, and considerable dead and downed material.  With about 1/2 of the 99 lots on Hidden Lake still requiring considerable thinning and clean-up to reduce the wildfire hazard, it is a wildfire waiting to start.  An errant discarded cigarette or a lightning strike will be catastrophic.