Current fires in California push the conversation about insurance

Blog Post created by luciandeaton Employee on Aug 18, 2016

la-me-blue-cut-fire-photos-20160816-018 Gina Ferazzi - Los Angeles Times pulled 18Aug16.jpgThe Blue Cut fire near Los Angeles has consumed over 31,600 acres as of Thursday morning, with hot temperatures and strong winds turning the dry chaparral into flames.  Over 80,000 residents have been told to evacuate and unfortunately, many homes and entire neighborhoods have been lost.


With homes actively on fire, it is difficult sometimes to talk about insurance because valuable education can appear as “you should of…” or “you could of…” rhetoric.  The hurt that many have already felt is not lost on us, nor the concern of those who remain in harm’s way.  We also know that many more are watching this tragedy unfold as well and stand wondering what they can do, not only for those effected, but for their own families and neighbors.


An article by CBS News this morning shares important information for residents to consider about their insurance and their wildfire risk.  Carole Walker, the executive director of the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association (RMIIA), is quoted in the article explaining that, ““Anytime that we have these headline-making catastrophic wildfires or you can smell the smoke, that’s when people are getting that teachable moment, to realize how would I be financially prepared,” she said. “It’s a wakeup call. We have seen these risks increase.””


The article details considerations on annual assessments, home contents coverage, fire risk mitigation, and rebuilding challenges.


Carole Walker will also be joining Firewise on September 15th at 2pm EDT for an already planned virtual workshop and we encourage you to attend.  Carole will share what insurance companies know about your property, how they make policy related decisions and most importantly, how to ensure your policy is all you think it is when a wildfire strikes. Carole will also discuss what your relationship can be with your insurance provider against the common threat of wildfire.


In addition, the RMIIA has valuable information and pointers on insurance and preparedness on their wildfire risk webpage.


Photo Credit: la-me-blue-cut-fire-photos-20160816-018, Gina Ferazzi - The Los Angeles Times.  Pulled 18 August 2016, Live updates: Blue Cut fire marches toward Angeles Crest Highway with dozens of homes in its path - LA Times


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