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Keeping people in neighborhoods engaged with the NFPA's Firewise® Program can be promoted by providing opportunities for participation.  Communities that plan and implement community-wide events that provide opportunities for each resident to participate get more buy-in from residents throughout the community as a whole.  This participation in educational and on the ground work opportunities can create a more resilient community over time.  Read the story of these two communities to see how community efforts can create a sense of ownership and involvement in Firewise activities by many residents in a neighborhood.

Baker Creek at La Veta, Colorado

Baker Creek conducted many Firewise activities throughout the year. In addition to cleaning fire hazard debris from aroundBaker Creek CO.jpg condominiums, along a community access road, and in open space near residences, the community is creating a shaded fuel break along the main access road. The community counts 110 volunteer hours, and over 50 slash piles burned.

Baker Creek tells us, “Our Baker Creek Firewise Community has been energized by the early efforts of our key leaders. We found that property owners have become much more involved with their defensible space efforts as a result of participating in our Firewise Day activities.”

Deer Creek Valley Ranchos, Colorado

Residents of Deer Creek Valley Ranchos volunteered to help the Platte Canyon Fire Protection District (PCFPD) at their slash clean-up event the last week of August and the first weekend in September of 2014. Homeowners assisted PCFPD by directing traffic and helping people unload slash from their trailers and trucks. PCFPD contracted with a landscape company to chip the slash and haul it away.

Dear Creek Ranchos says, “We hold an annual clean-up event with homeowners volunteering to clean up trash and debris along roadways in the development. We send out Firewise tips via email with our HOA group email list, reminding homeowners of things they can do to keep their properties protected. We publish a Firewise article quarterly in our HOA newsletter and will include pertinent information on the Firewise program and wildfire safety.”


                                                                                                                                                         Photo submitted by Baker Creek at La Veta, Colorado

This September as we celebrate National Preparedness Month, join 60 National Strategy for Youth Preparedness partner organizations (NFPA is pleased to be a partner!) and thousands of children across the U.S. in learning critical safety skills at home and at school.


Through a new video, “The Prep Step!” you can help teach kids the basics of emergency preparedness, and make preparation fun! The video packs a powerful punch of preparedness learning in just 90 seconds so you can fit it easily into your schedule and keeps kids grooving and moving during break time, after school or at home. The three key steps the video focuses on are:  the importance of knowing "In Case of Emergency (ICE) contacts," making a plan, and packing a go-bag.



According to statistics, less than half of American families have an emergency plan, but children can be powerful change agents in leading the movement (literally and figuratively) towards preparedness. Did you know that families of school-aged children who bring home preparedness resources are 75 percent more likely to have a family plan? It’s true.


So won’t you join us? Help kids in your family, school or community learn emergency preparedness basics in a fun way. Learn the Prep Step! then, register your group and tell us what you’ll be doing on September 19, the Day of Action, to engage children in preparedness through this fun song and dance!


For more information, visit the Save the Children organization web site.

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