Firewise makes a difference in Falls Creek Ranch at Durango, Colorado

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Sep 8, 2016

Making the Firewise Day something the whole neighborhood wants to participate in can be a challenge. Some communities Falls Creek Ranch.pnghost pot luck dinners or bar b ques.  Others participate in a community-wide clean-up day.  While some host educational opportunities for the community.  Whatever the event, it provides an opportunity for the community to get to know each other and learn how they can effectively work together to lessen their risk to wildfire.  Some communities have really gone out of their way to provide a unique experience.  Read the story about Falls Creek Ranch and perhaps your community can create its own unique Firewise Day experience.


Falls Creek Ranch at Durango, Colorado


Falls Creek Ranch hosted a big public event with lectures and a fire simulation exercise with firefighters, helicopters, and fire trucks for Firewise Day. The meeting was held at Falls Creek Ranch Fire Station #13, and included speakers from Durango Fire & Rescue, BLM, Colorado State Forest Service, Firewise of SW Colorado, and others. Then the live demonstration began with firefighters creating a fire line, actual helicopter bucket dips into the lake at Falls Creek Ranch, and a water drop over a simulated fire scene. Of course, the fire trucks were on hand to demonstrate their capabilities. Firewise Day in Falls Creek Ranch is always well attended, but this year the attendance was extraordinary. Falls Creek Ranch follows up its Firewise day with an annual work day and picnic.


Falls Creek Ranch shared this with us, ”Being a resident of the wildland-urban interface has its advantages and risks. Obviously, the risk of wildfire can be proactively addressed or ignored by an HOA. Falls Creek Ranch chooses to address the wildfire risk by utilizing the Firewise principles as best practices. Falls Creek Ranch has enlisted the cooperation of its residents to minimize risks through education, work days, communication, and a spirit of teamwork. We use our annual Firewise Day to reinforce the importance of reducing the risk of wildfire. “

                                                                                                                      Photo submitted by Falls Creek Ranch Firewise Community