Firewise is making a difference in Lake Shore Park Homes – Bass Lake at Bass Lake California

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Sep 28, 2016

Firewise communities can grow into a generational activity, where family members mentor each other and pass down a Picture.jpgsense of respect for their homes and environment.  They teach the younger generation the importance of taking actions based upon sound Firewise principles to make themselves and their property safer in the event of a wildfire.  Read how one Firewise Community has embraced this key to success.


Lake Shore Park Homes – Bass Lake at Bass Lake, California


The residents at Lake Shore Park Homes held a community clean-up and work day for Firewise Day. The neighbors got together and worked on clearing woody debris around homes, pruning and limbing up trees, raking leaves, and burning slash.


Lake Shore Park says, “I guess a prime ingredient in our success is continuous learning of techniques to make things better, understanding the fuel ladder, and networking with various fire protection agencies. It’s science, common sense, trial and error all combined. It is enthusiasm and hard work! Traditions and pride play a big role. Many of our member families have passed down their homes for three generations. We love our homes; we love our lake. The youngest children learn about the importance of caring and being fire safe from their parents and grandparents.

                                                 Picture of residents from Lake Shore Park Homes - Bass Lake, California working together on a Firewise project.