Firewise is making a difference in Wilson Ranch Property Owners Association at Mazama, Washington

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Oct 21, 2016


Some Firewise communities are getting quite tech savvy when it comes to promoting the great work that they accomplish together in their neighborhood.  Creating a nice promotional video about the work that you are working on together is not only a great way of celebrating your accomplishments, but also a wonderful way of building upon your successes.  Watch this great YouTube video about how Wilson Ranch used a Wildfire Community Preparedness Day(r) Activity to complete their Firewise(c) Day requirement for 2016.



Wilson Ranch Property Owners Association at Mazama, Washington


Wilson Ranch POA held a Firewise workshop on Firewise Day. The workshop was led by the Okanogan Conservation District, in collaboration with the Methow Conservancy. Information about the workshop was posted on the neighborhood website, and was also posted in the Methow Valley News. The workshop focused on the home ignition zone, how homes ignite in a wildfire, and techniques for protecting homes from wildfire. The Methow Conservancy offers several videos on wildfire and the natural environment of the Methow Valley. The Okanogan Conservation District Firewise Workshop presented in Mazama in August, 2014 is available online  .


Wilson Ranch POA says, “Firewise is now a term of everyday language by owners in our community. The Firewise event, which we will have annually, has been an effective tool to bring focus to addressing wildfire in the forested setting of our community.