Wildfires can be hard on Volunteer Department’s budgets, a scary Halloween solution

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Oct 26, 2016

With the increase in size and frequency of devastating wildfires, volunteer departments’ budgets can be stretched thin.   Applying for grant funding to replace aging equipment can be time-consuming and difficult to achieve. Some volunteer fire departments are having a hard time balancing budgets and fighting wildfires.


The increased use of vehicles in rough terrain can take a toll on fire apparatus. In order to keep money from running out and shutting down stations, some fire departments have gotten very creative raising funds needed to make ends meet.  Many fire departments host pancake breakfasts, spaghetti dinners, rummage sales and more. One very creative Idea that was shared with me was a fire department in central Alabama that hosted a “Haunted Chicken House” for Halloween.  I have to admit, I would be scared if I was a chicken.


According to the article, “The volunteers have come up with their own unique fundraiser in recent years, a haunted chicken house attraction on Hopkins’ property. Through the years, it’s helped the department cut out more traditional, less profitable methods of raising money. However, Hopkins says volunteer departments across the state are hurting.”