Firewise is making a difference in Logtown at El Dorado County, California and Pine Mountain Estates and Ridgewood Subdivision at Willits, California

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Oct 27, 2016

logtown.jpgFirewise Communities seem to grow their project activities over time.  As the community achieves success in small events they continue to expand their activities which over time helps create a safer community.  Read about how Logtown in El Dorado County, California grew an event that encouraged residents to take action and clean up their properties.   The communities of Pine Mountain and Ridgewood Subdivision at Willits, California grew community education and outreach events that helped residents gain a better understanding of their risk and how they can adopt effective solutions to that risk from wildfire that they face from experts.  The success shared by these communities can help other communities understand that by tailoring your program to the needs and wants of your community your prevention and mitigation programs can grow the Firewise© way.


Logtown at El Dorado County, CA

The Logtown Fire Safe Council kicked-off its annual Spring Clean-up with a Firewise Day in the parking lot of a local merchant. Thirty-yard capacity green waste dumpsters were placed in two locations in the community, and remained in place for at least two weeks collecting yard waste. In addition, El Dorado Disposal provided two trash disposal dumpsters for unrecyclable material, and Snowline Hospice was on site collecting “gently used” clothing and furniture, in addition to other recyclable materials. Members of the Logtown Fire Safe Council set up a table and handed out Fire Safe Council and Firewise information. The time and money spent by residents in their efforts to remove debris from the community is an investment to maintain and improve the fire safety of the community. In 2014, the group put in 195 man-hours and paid $620 for services.


Logtown shared with us, “The Logtown fire Safe Council was formed in 2006, after a fire destroyed two houses and threatened many more in the community. We started the Spring Clean-up in 2010, the year after we became a Firewise community, with just the Green Waste dumpsters. Since then, we have added trash disposal, recycling, and the Firesafe/Firewise booth. It just gets better every year!”


Pine Mountain Estates and Ridgewood Subdivision at Willits, CA

Pine Mountain estates and Ridgewood Subdivision held an outdoors education event for Firewise Day. They had speakers from the Little Lake Fire Protection District, CAL FIRE, and the Fire Safe Council talking about defensible space and the Ready, Set, Go! program.


Pine Mountain Firewise tells us, “The Firewise event allows residents (who all wear name tags) to meet and talk over wildfire preparedness as an individual and community imperative. And to listen to experts advise on the particulars of defensibility, the go-or-stay decision, and other matters. By repeating and deepening the message, through such community events, and other means of outreach, wildfire preparedness gradually enters and becomes fixed in the community’s mainstream consciousness.”

                                                                          The community picture was submitted by Logtown Firewise Community