Wildfire myths put to the test in two weeks

Blog Post created by luciandeaton Employee on Nov 3, 2016

In just 2 weeks, Firewise’s wildland “urban legends” will be put to the test on Thursday, November 17, at 3 pm EST (1 pm MST).


Register today to participate in this exciting, “ask an expert” virtual workshop.


Will mulch spontaneously combust in the heat? Clear cutting trees on my property will protect my home, right? Are tile roofs safe from embers? Do curtains ignite due to radiant heat before the glass breaks? Wood piles are safe, if they’re 30ft from my home. Can I protect my home with swimming pool water?


Join us on November 17th when wildfire expert Pat Durland will determine truth or falsehood to questions we all have, drawing upon current research and his long career as a smoke jumper, wildland firefighter, policy maker, insurance consultant, and wildfire educator.


The virtual workshop will help you take lessons and answers back to those questions and myths raised by residents and practitioners alike. The workshop will also help your own wildfire outreach planning and mitigation knowledge.


We have received some great myths from registered attendees and they will be put to the test. If you have a wildland “urban legend” you have heard or wondered about, please share it with us at and we’ll as the expert on November 17.


Photo Credit: Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety