Learn the science of home survival from wildfire with NFPA training

Blog Post created by michelesteinberg Employee on Nov 4, 2016


A recent NFPA training in Maine helped fire service and forestry professionals from New England and Canada learn the science behind how homes ignite from wildfire. More importantly, students learned what they can do to advise property owners about actions that will help prevent ignition and reduce the chances of home destruction during a brush or forest fire.


Sponsored by the Maine Forest Service, a full classroom of participants engaged in the Assessing Wildfire Hazards in the Home Ignition Zone two-day training. This interactive training covers characteristics of wildfire and wildland-urban fire, providing the scientific background on home ignition developed through years of experimental research and post-disaster findings. Once students were immersed in fire physics and home vulnerabilities in the classroom, instructor Pat Durland took them to several sites selected by Maine forestry staff to take a look at real homes on real landscapes to assess their ignition potential. 


According to training host and Maine forester Kent Nelson, Pat Durland's instruction "provided a lot of easy fixes from roof to foundation to make homes safer from embers and radiant heat." Most importantly, the training provides participants with the confidence and knowledge to make sound recommendations to property owners about how to protect their most important asset - their home.


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Photo credits: Northeast Wildfire (www.northeastwildfire.org and Kent Nelson, Maine Forest Service)