Firewise is making a difference in Flowery Trail Community Association at Spokane, Washington

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Nov 11, 2016

How do you get in the habit year after year of continuing to work on creating Firewise© homes and communities?  We have seen that one key to growing successful participation in wildfire mitigation activities is by having fun working together.  Communities have shared with us that Firewise activities provide the impetus for the community to continue to work together for a common cause of making their homes safer from wildfire.  As Flowery Trail Community Association shares below, “Firewise has become a habit.”


Flowery Trail Community Association at Spokane, Washington

Flowery Trail organized a three-day fuel reduction event in their community for Firewise Day. From June 20-22, 110 neighbors worked together for three full days of yard and neighborhood clean-up, disposing of slash through chipping and burning. Trees, brush, and other vegetative fuels were removed from the community, reducing the wildfire risk to homes and people.


Flowery Trail says, “To Flowery Trail Community Association, Firewise is much more than getting prepared to increase the chances of surviving a wildfire. Firewise is also bringing the community together to work toward the same goal, getting everyone prepared for the wildfire that will someday pay us a visit. Firewise is also building lifelong friendships, working as a team on fuel reduction projects, taking the time to have a community potluck lunch, and to sit around after a work day, and enjoy a beverage with all of your friends.  Firewise has become a habit, something you do year after year, after year.”

Picture submitted by the Flowery Trails Community