Wildfire Lessons Learned shares a harrowing story of the Holloway Fire entrapment survivor.

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Nov 17, 2016

According to the US Department of Interior, National Park Service, ”The mission of the Wildfire Lessons Learned Center is to promote learning in the wildland fire service by providing useful and relevant products and services that help to reveal the complexity and risk in the wildland fire environment.”  The name of the site including the words (lessons learned) references the idea that if lessons are shared and learned from, they can change behaviors that enhance wildland firefighter safety. 

I have signed up to receive weekly briefs from the center to enhance my awareness and understanding of wildfire-related accidents, injuries, and deaths.  The latest update that I received contains a video published November 10, 2016, about the harrowing story of Chrissy Boone, firefighter with the Zuni Hotshot Crew.  The story is told by Chrissy herself and honestly details what went wrong and how her training with shelter deployment helped her survive.  Firefighter Boone was part of a crew that was in an area on the Nevada/Oregon border fighting fire in mainly grass and sagebrush.


Did you know that the NFPA has developed standards that establish requirements for protective clothing used by wildland firefighters? NFPA 1977 discusses the certification of, product labeling of, performance criteria and more.  This standard has free online access to answer your questions and you can connect directly with Tom McGowan at .