Firewise is making a difference in River Bluff Ranch in Spokane, Washington

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Nov 18, 2016


Some Firewise® Communities are located in high fire hazard severity zones.  Some like River Bluff Ranch in Spokane, Washington have had to evacuate or have been put on notice about the possibility of evacuation.  When I lived in Southern California, I had to evacuate from my home and the knowledge that I had done everything possible to help my home be safer before I left gave me that sense that I had given my home a fighting chance to survive and it did.  Becoming Firewise, helps communities to work together for a common cause of keeping their community safer from wildfire.  Learn from River Bluff’s story and NFPA’s Firewise website about how your community can make changes that can make a difference.


River Bluff Ranch at Spokane, Washington

River Bluff Ranch worked on neighborhood clean-up for Firewise Day. The neighborhood HOA received a $5,400 matching grant from the Washington Department of Natural Resources. And, the HOA spent an additional $10,000 to hire a contractor to thin over 200 trees, prune branches, and remove slash piles. Members of the HOA participated in the clean-up and assisted in removing and disposing of some of the smaller slash piles.


River Bluff Ranch tells us, “A fire occurred this summer, just 5-7 miles south of our development. We were put on a Level 2 evacuation notice (get ready to leave) for 5 days. This is the reason our HOA is actively involved in the Firewise program. Being involved in Firewise is a cheap insurance that will provide big dividends when faced with the potential threat from a wildland fire. It was reassuring to residents to know we had been proactive to do everything possible to mitigate the threat.”