Firewise is making a difference in Hidden Lake at Shoshone, Idaho

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Dec 1, 2016

Some Firewise© Communities have learned to collaboratively work with other agency partners to develop some unique solutions to the wildfire risk that they face.  By working with unique partners such as road crews, school districts, legislators, realtors, insurance partners, foresters, fire service departments, land managing agencies and in this case the local Resource Conservation District, communities can engage partners with a variety of expertise and resources they don’t have access to, so they can achieve greater success in their wildfire mitigation efforts.  If your community is looking to grow your wildfire prevention efforts, explore opportunities to partner with an organization that you have not worked with in the past to develop out of the box solutions like this one and check out NFPA's Firewise resources to help with your wildfire prevention efforts. 

Hidden Lakes at Shoshone, Idaho

Hidden Lakes celebrated Firewise Day by coordinating with the Mid-Snake Resource Conservation & Development Council’s Schools Firewise Greenhouse Program to hand out fire-resistant indigenous plants to homeowners. Hidden Lakes Firewise Committee created a commercial about becoming a Firewise Communities/USA community and distributed it to the local media, On Firewise Day, a few homeowners received home assessments, and the subdivision placed a banner on the gate that read “No Fireworks”. 


Hidden Lakes says, “Hidden Lakes became a Firewise Communities/USA community in 2010. In 2012, they had a brush fire in the subdivision and had to evacuate their homes. Some damage was done and they received some insurance money through the homeowners association. With that money, they developed a sprinkler system, and have the ability to fill a water tender or engine with their irrigation system for fire protection.”


Photo from the Twin Falls County Firewise Community and the video commercial submitted by Hidden Lakes Firewise Community.