Fire Adapted Learning Network features veterans working on wildfire mitigation

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Dec 15, 2016

The Fire Adapted Learning Network, recently published an interesting article, Veterans work on Wildfire Mitigation: Thinning Stands, Burning Acres…Changing Lives.  The article tells the story written by Rapid City Fire Department Lieutenant Tim Weaver about how the Rapid City Fire Department developed a program that was successful in mitigating 917 acres of land in and around 296 structures in their community.  Lieutenant Weaver shared how this project was started with funding from the US Bureau of Land Management’s Community Assistance Grant funding.


The project not only helps promote wildfire safety in the community but also provides job training and assistance to returning veterans.  The story told about how Tim connected with the crew members that he hired was touching.  Tim had worked with the NFPA to create a video about how this program is a success because it involves the collaborative effort of the fire department, veterans, and residents all working together to create safer communities. Learn more about how you can help your community become safer from wildfire.