What could you accomplish with $500?

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Dec 27, 2016

National Fire Protection Association© (NFPA ) wants to remind interested participants; communities, youth groups, scout 1.jpgtroops, church groups, fire districts and others to save the date!  May 6, 2017 will be National Wildfire Community Preparedness Day©.  NFPA will provide an opportunity to apply for a $500 grant starting in January to be used for a National 2.jpgWildfire Community Preparedness Day Project.  By participating, you also have the opportunity to map your project on the NFPA website and help it shine nationwide.


Since 2014 NFPA has been partnering with State Farm to provide communities with seed money to grow their wildfire preparedness projects. These projects include youth-oriented work, fire prevention projects, community clean up days, planting Firewise gardens, chipping days and more.


Communities have come together and accomplished incredible things with their 3.jpg$500 awards.   What could you and your community accomplish? It is time to check out what has been accomplished in the past, and make your plan for next year.  The grant application period will open this year on January 9th and close on March 3rd.  We at the NFPA want to thank all of those who have made a difference in their communities last year and are looking forward to new and innovative solutions that groups come up with to address wildfire risk in 2017.