100 Homes lost to wildfire in Valparaiso, Chile

Blog Post created by luciandeaton Employee on Jan 3, 2017

A wildfire on Monday evening burned 100 homes and forced over 4000 to evacuate in Laguna Verde, a town within Valparaiso, Chile. 19, mainly smoke related injuries, and no fatalities have been reported.


Both the BBC News and France24 News are sharing video from the community reporting on the fires and loss.


A wildfire in Valparaiso in March, 2015, caused one fatality; and a 2014 blaze destroyed over 200 homes, with 15 fatalities.


The cause of Monday’s fire is yet known but high winds and dry conditions carried a forest fire into the various ravines in the area. Hillside developments and narrow roads complicated firefighting efforts.


Chile is facing a multi-year drought that has brought both its forests and interface in threat. NFPA presented at a November 2016 conference on wildfire and climate change in Santiago, Chile, about community-lead approaches to risk reduction and will continue its work with Chile’s CONAF and CALFIRE in Chile in 2017.


Photo Credit: BBC News, Chile wildfires destroy scores of homes in Valparaiso - BBC News , pulled 3 January 2017.