What kind of wildfire safety activities could you complete with a $500 grant for a Wildfire Community Preparedness Day Activity?

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Jan 6, 2017

Are you looking for an opportunity to complete a project in your community to enhance your community’s safety from loss due to wildfire but are short of cash to make your idea a reality?  Starting January 9th through March 3rd NFPA will be offering an opportunity to apply for a mini-grant of $500 to complete a project that will enhance the resilience of your community with support from State Farm.


Project work completed in the past for Wildfire Community Preparedness Day includes; youth work on fuel breaks, providing assistance to seniors with yard work, community clean-up days, improving landscaping with firewise native plant choices and much more.  We are looking forward to learning about new, innovative project plans to promote wildfire safety from you and your community.


NFPA is also providing resources to help you with the application process and to help you complete a successful project.  Some of the free downloadable resources include a fillable flyer, best practices for completing your application, project safety checklist, and more.  The grant application is an easy to complete an online application.  NFPA is also offering a free webinar opportunity to help you complete the application well and share your event with your local community.