NFPA’s Large-Loss Fires in the United States report has interesting statistics about wildfire losses.

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Jan 10, 2017

NFPA’s new report, Large-Loss Fires in the United States is the result of a compilation of statistics from a yearly study completed by NFPA researchers.   The study includes data from fires or explosions that result in at least 10 million dollars’ worth of damage.  The interesting statistic from NFPA’s research on large loss fires finds that, “last year, California’s Valley Fire was the country’s biggest large-loss fire, the ninth year out of the past 10 that a wildfire topped the list.”  The Valley fire resulted in loss calculated to 1.5 billion dollars’ worth of damage.  A second wildfire included in the study, the Butte Fire resulted in another 405 million dollars of direct property loss.


The NFPA also provides statistics on some of the 10 largest loss wildfires in the United States.