Put your Wildfire Community Preparedness Day Project on the map!

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Jan 19, 2017

We are already seeing communities apply to receive a $500 grant for project work supported by State Farm to celebrate Wildfire Community Preparedness Day on May 6, 2017.   We are also offering your community the opportunity to map the location of your community’s event on a special mapping application.


This is a fun way for your community to self-promote your event.  You can provide a contact email address if you wish for local residents to connect with you and participate on the day.  You can also share your location via the mapper on Facebook and Twitter.  The application allows you to additionally include project information to highlight your success.  Highlighting your work can not only encourage participation from other neighbors, but can also encourage other entities to support your work.


So give yourself a shout-out and map your community/group’s Wildfire Community Preparedness Day activities today!