Backyard Smarts: Addressing the global wildfire problem by understanding local needs

Blog Post created by laurenbackstrom Employee on Jan 23, 2017

Everyone in the world at risk from wildfire should know what they can do to be safer. In this month's NFPA Journal, Lucian Deaton wrote his wildfire column about this very statement. 


He acknowledges that across the planet, people are working to achieve this knowledge through countless wildfire preparedness programs and strategies. At times we may trip over how to pronounce their titles, but the real challenge is to understand how these programs work and what their impacts are on their communities. Seeing firsthand the challenge communities face with wildfire and the efforts underway to confront it strengthens NFPA’s knowledge and furthers its work to spread more life-saving information and knowledge across the globe.


The NFPA wildfire division has learned a lot of lessons by traveling to several international locations (Chile, Canada, UK, South Africa) and learning about their local challenges and successes. Learning about these local fire landscapes will help us to provide better resources that can help all communities be safer from wildfire. Read about some of these lessons and learnings in "Backyard Smarts" in the latest issue of NFPA Journal