Wildland fire potential outlook impacts southeast again

Blog Post created by twelle Employee on Mar 3, 2017

Once again, the southeastern U.S. will see above normal wildland fire potential through the Spring months according to Predictive Services of the National Interagency Fire Center.  The coastal areas from Virginia through the Carolinas, Georgia and most of Florida are likely to see above normal activity in March along with eastern New Mexico, western Texas and southern and southeastern Kansas and Colorado.predictive services map march 2017


April indications show the above normal predictions expanding westward on the southeastern seaboard especially in Georgia.  Central New Mexico and some of eastern Alaska are also showing above normal potential.


For May and June, fire potential moderates to normal or below normal for most of the U.S.  Central New Mexico, Florida and southern Georgia remain above normal.


For the complete report go here.


Drought conditions in the Southeast have been significant with only periodic breaks.  Given the fire activity and wildfire behavior that was experienced in this region last fall, especially in Tennessee, these predictions should be a "heads up" to both residents and wildfire Agencies to get mitigation work done, especially around the home ignition zone, well before wildfires start. 


For more information on what you can do to reduce your risk from wildfire, go to or contact your local state forestry agency.