Wildland firefighters: a view from the sky

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Mar 6, 2017

Have you ever wondered what it looks like fighting a wildfire as a  firefighting pilot? The Texas A&M Forest Service shared a video with NFPA that was filmed from a single-engine plane, Tanker 850 responding to the Prison Fire in Texas on March 1, 2017.  This video gives you an exclusive look at what it really looks like from the sky above a wildfire. it also lets us see how big a wildfire can become and how difficult it is for firefighting pilots to position a drop of chemical flame retardant in front of a fire front.   The pilot and crews on the ground and at the command center have to keep in close communication to make sure that the drop goes exactly where they want it.  As you watch the plane get close to the ground to make the drop, you realize just how dangerous the job is.


Before this fire season begins let's all do our part to help keep our communities safer from loss due to wildfire.  By working together to make our homes and communities safer from wildfire, we can help to make it safer for firefighters as they work hard to protect our communities from loss. Learn more about how we all can become part of the solution by taking steps today to lessen our risk of loss due to wildfire.  NFPA has resources and training available to help you take action that can make a difference.


Video shared by Phillip Truitt Communications Specialist Directors Office Texas A&M Forest Service