Tools you can use on the Wildfire Community Preparedness Day webpage

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Mar 17, 2017

Are you looking for some tools for your wildfire preparedness toolbox?  Check out the Wildfire Community Preparedness Day website. There are resources available to you to participate in Wildfire Community Preparedness Day on March 6 at no cost to you and other resources that are available to you year round. 


Some of the resources available to you of value year round include:

  • The safety tip sheet which can help make working on your community project safer for participants.  Being aware of hazards before undertaking project work can help participants understand how to complete project work safely.
  • Success story videos and articles about project success can help communities understand how to design and implement their project to address wildfire hazard mitigation needs in their unique environment.  Watch the videos and read the success stories to help craft your own unique solution to address your risk of loss due to wildfire.
  • The fillable flyer which can be used by community groups to help promote and advertise the project to residents.  This tool can help you encourage and inform potential project participants about what you are doing, where you will be working and what time frame you will be working.

Check out the Wildfire Community Preparedness Day website for tools you can use and participate May 6.


The wildfire picture was shared with NFPA by the Sammy Moore with New Jersey state Forestry and the pictures of the communities working was submitted by Firewise Communities.