Map your Wildfire Community Preparedness Day project

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Mar 30, 2017

NFPA provides a great opportunity for you to let your Wildfire Community Preparedness Day project shine!  You have the opportunity to map the location of the project that your community will completing on May 6.  NFPA’s mapping application makes it easy for you to put your project on a national map that includes incredible projects and people from across the United States.  All you need is your address and the mapping application takes care of the rest!  You don’t have to be a GIS expert to share your project location with others.


What is the benefit of mapping your project?

  • First, you have the opportunity to connect with other like-minded communities that are also working hard to reduce their risk of loss due to wildfire. 
  • You also get to promote to other residents in your community, that you will be working together to create a safer community in order to help encourage more participation in the efforts by other neighbors. 
  • Finally, it is an awesome opportunity to raise awareness about the success of your efforts so that potential grant or other funding entities can see that you are successful.


Map your project today on NFPA’s Wildfire Community Preparedness Day Website. Check out the website for other resources you can use to make your wildfire preparedness project successful, safe and fun.