As the cold weather recedes in the North, wildfire hazards grow

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Mar 31, 2017

Areas across the United States that one does not normally think of when one thinks of wildfire are experiencing forest, grass and brush fires with increasing frequency and intensity.  It is so important to take steps early in the season when looking to complete those Firewise spring cleaning projects.   According to a March 28 news report, areas of Michigan are experiencing higher than normal wildfire risk.  The article spoke about how wildfires can be the result of careless activity by humans such as debris pile burning.  With greater risk comes greater responsibility to take action now to reduce your risk of loss.


NFPA’s programs such as Firewise and initiatives such as TakeAction for Youth and Wildfire Community Preparedness Day provide resources and information to help residents in wildfire-prone regions everywhere take steps today to reduce their risk of loss.  Start spring cleaning activities with wildfire preparedness projects included to enjoy a safer summer and fall.