Celebrating Earth Day: how to stay "green" while reducing your wildfire risk

Blog Post created by lisamariesinatra Employee on Apr 21, 2017

Earth Day, Wildfire Safety, Firewise, Earth Smarts

Tomorrow the world celebrates Earth Day and NFPA is doing its part to protect Mother Earth by participating in activities found in our Earth Smart Checklist. The checklist is a great resource for kids and families alike and includes tasks everyone can do together. Did you know that by completing all of the activities on the list, you'll not only protect animals, trees and plants, but you'll also be helping reduce the risk of damage to your home and property from a wildfire, too!


The following are examples of some of the great activities you can do with your family on Earth Day :

* Rake dead leaves, sticks and pine needles off your lawn

* Remove leaves and twigs and anything flammable from under the deck

* Give the plants and shrubs plenty of water to keep them hydrated


But don't stop there. Go ahead and download the checklist to find more tips and ideas that will help you “stay green” and wildfire safe on Earth Day and all year long!