Participate in Wildfire Community Preparedness Day Activities May 6 and take care of the little things

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Apr 27, 2017

Participating in a Wildfire Community Preparedness Day event on May 6 can help your community take care of cleaning up the little things around homes and throughout neighborhoods that can increase chances of survival.  Jack Cohen, a US Forest Service Researcher has shared many times that by taking care of the little things you can make a difference in the survivability of homes. Never was that more vividly real to me than today when I saw damage to a hotel in Gatlinburg, Tennessee from embers that had collected on a beam and thought about cleaning up my own gutters again. 


The Wildfire Community Preparedness Day web page shares ideas for actions you can take to make your neighborhood safer from wildfire.


Project ideas include:

  •       Really focusing on reducing or replacing wood mulch in the first 5 feet around the home with rock and other landscape improvements.
  •       Helping a neighbor who is unable to do so clean up their yard. If their home is safe yours will be too.
  •       Getting students involved in community-wide cleanup projects.
  •       Hosting a community clean-up day or chipping day and more!


Check it out, and participate on May 6.  We can all do something small that can make a big difference!


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