Wildfire Community Preparedness Day is only one week away today!

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Apr 29, 2017

Get ready to participate in your own Wildfire Community Preparedness Day event.  People from around the nation have sent NFPA newspaper articles, flyers, newsletters, and Facebook posts etc. to share a little bit about the success and excitement surrounding May 6.  There are 150 communities nationwide completing project work with funding provided by State Farm.  There are even more communities celebrating the day along with those awarded funding.  


It is amazing to hear about youth, seniors, fire departments and communities all working together to celebrate this day and make a difference!  An article in Cleveland, Georgia shared about the importance of this event to raise public awareness in their wildfire-prone region.  The article about their event stated that they were going to bring together people of all age groups to learn about the role each of them could play to improve their wildfire safety.  An article about Pinewood Estates in New Jersey shared how they were going to use the event as part of their preparation to become a Firewise Community.


For those last minute preparations NFPA has resources you need:  

  • There is a safety tip sheet to help your event run smoothly with no injuries. 
  • A press release template that you can use to share before and after the event about your success.
  • Success stories to give you some ideas about a little something extra to add to your event.
  • A fillable flyer, to help promote your event at your local school, library, fire station and more.
  • Social media information and a web banner for you to use to promote your event on social media.
  • Downloadable logo
  • And don’t forget for purchase gloves, banners, stickers and multi-use decals for as many t-shirts as your community needs.

Get involved today and the simple things we do on Wildfire Community Preparedness Day can make a huge difference in protecting the things we love tomorrow.