Ready, set, capture the Wildfire Community Preparedness Day activities in your community

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on May 2, 2017

Are you ready to produce your own Prep Day video or capture some great shots to promote the activity in your community? NFPA has some helpful tips to get some quality video and shots that can be shared with local media outlets or post on your social media accounts.  NFPA’s communications team has included some things to consider when you tape:


      Videotaping should be limited to 15 seconds to a couple minutes of video. Action is better than people standing around. Action that depicts people at work (raking, cleaning gutters, filling bags, chipping, etc.) and engaged with each other (talking, helping lift debris, etc.) is always best.


      Having people centered in the frame/full frame makes for more compelling video (vs. having video with the people very far off in the background). Let’s get up close!


If you would like to share your videos and photos with NFPA to use promote Wildfire Community Preparedness Day for next year, (the 5th anniversary of Wildfire Community Preparedness Day), NFPA would like to get your pictures and video as soon as possible after May 6.  You and your community may be a new, featured star of Prep Day success next year.  If the video you created is around 15 seconds long you can probably email it.  If it’s longer, NFPA can work with you to share it.   You can email NFPA with your pictures and photos at .


We would like to get pictures and video as soon as possible after Prep Day.  If it’s around 15 seconds you can probably email it.  If it’s longer, NFPA can work with you to send it.  Please include in your e-mail to us:

  •       Name of project
  •       Location (town, state)
  •       How many people worked on the project. Type of project
  •       A little description of the project (what they hoped to accomplish; why they got involved in Prep Day, etc.)
  •       Contact information


Thank you again for helping to promote this important NFPA initiative.  NFPA and State Farm (Sponsor of Wildfire Community Preparedness Day), look forward to hearing about and sharing your success story with others.