Wildfire Community Preparedness Day is celebrated by hundreds of communities nationwide today, May 6

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on May 6, 2017

Communities from across the nation are celebrating and getting out there and working on Wildfire Community Preparedness Day with generous support from State Farm.  You can check out the map, to get a glimpse of where some of the projects will be taking place today.  We have heard from participants in Alaska, Hawaii, Texas, Ohio, Maine, California and others in so many other states. 


In Grants Pass, Oregon, Two Firewise Communities and the Oregon Department of Forestry are collaborating on defensible space work and a Firewise demonstration garden.  Oregon Department of Forestry officials commend communities who participate and help create safer places to live.  Also in Oregon, about 90 sixth graders will be participating in activities today to support their community as well as help them learn about Oregon’s fire ecology.  


In Hawaii, Kailapa shared with the media that they were working on removing dead fall from their community that was created in the last storm and had put their community at risk.  In Texas, they are working on Wildfire Community Preparedness Day Projects in a big way. The Lakeway Firewise Committee, Lake Travis Fire and Rescue, the Lakeway Parks Department and community volunteers are all working together to reduce their wildfire danger.


The success stories are a testimony to the can-do attitude of many of these community volunteers who do so much to help ensure that they are safer.  The projects are as diverse as the terrain, vegetation, homes, and demographics of each community.  Creating unique solutions collaboratively that addresses the risks each community faces is what makes such a difference.  NFPA would like to thank State Farm and each and every participant for your part in creating more resilient communities.