A few Wildfire Community Preparedness Day wildfire preparedness heroes are featured in the Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network blog

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on May 23, 2017

Read about communities that accomplished incredible projects on Wildfire Community Preparedness Day this year on the Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network web page. The variety of projects undertaken celebrates the diversity of each community’s topography, climate, vegetation, and demographics.  Each project addressed a different need with a unique solution funded by State Farm with assistance from the NFPA.


In Central Oregon, Project Wildfire disposed of 2,600 dump trucks of hazardous fuels that they removed from their community.  The Coalition for the Upper South Platte removed over 215 tons of slash they removed throughout their community.  In Lakeview, a subdivision of Carson City, Nevada 9,000 pounds of hazardous fuels were removed.


The Greater Flagstaff Forests Partnership went high tech with their wildfire preparedness project.  They used GPS-enabled tablets that were installed on equipment used for vegetation management to ensure that they did not disturb sensitive archeological sites in their community.


Check out NFPA’s Wildfire Community Preparedness Day page to learn about other success stories and learn how you can create unique projects to help be better prepared for wildfire.


Photo submitted to NFPA by Austin City Fire depicting an interactive tool used to determine how wildfires burn.