National TV news magazine 60 Minutes investigates the wildfire home destruction problem

Blog Post created by michelesteinberg Employee on May 31, 2017

Last Sunday's 60 Minutes news magazine program featured a segment called "In the Path of Fire." In just over 12 minutes, the episode accurately summarizes the sobering reality of wildfires in the US -- the increasing frequency of large, extreme fires, the spiraling costs of fighting these fires, and the toll on life and property in the areas where more and more people live, known as the wildland/urban interface. Fire scientist Dr. Jack Cohen, whose research has formed the basis for how NFPA works to help homes and communities become ignition resistant, is featured.


Producers David Schneider and Joyce Gesundheit frame the issues succinctly, and reporter Steve Inskeep does a great job asking the questions of federal officials, local fire service, residents, and scientists. Take a look - NFPA would love to know what you think and get your feedback about the problem of home destruction during wildfires


For more resources about what you can do to prepare your home and community, see www.firewise.org.


To bring NFPA's hands-on technical training based on Jack Cohen's research to your organization, visit www.nfpa.org/hiz