Wildfires impact Colorado oil industry

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Jun 13, 2017

A 600-acre wildfire the Hunter Fire is burning close to a Northwest Colorado community, Meeker.  The weather conditions are hot and dry with temperatures in the 90’s and have created high fire danger as reported by forecasters.  Meanwhile, four more lightning-caused fires are also burning in this area including the Temple Fire where a firefighter injury occurred and the Cross Fire.  The growing concern with the 600 + acre Hunter Fire is that it is near oil and gas producing facilities.  According to a news report, the facilities have been shut down at this time.  A red flag warning has also been issued for this region of Colorado.  The Colorado State Emergency Services Department provides a map of the perimeter of the wildfire for the public.


Be aware of fire weather conditions in your area and get involved locally with Firewise USA in your neighborhood and to find more information and resources that can help you better prepare for a wildfire check out NFPA’s Firewise website.

Photo submitted by Amy Daniels from Colorado City, Colorado of Wildfire Community Preparedness Day activity