Heat wave, dry conditions warn of wildfire in southwest - make safety preparations now

Blog Post created by michelesteinberg Employee on Jun 15, 2017


With fires already burning in Arizona's Gila National Forest and in the Santa Fe area, warnings come of a major, pre-monsoon heat wave to occur in the southwestern US June 17-21.


With so many staff who travel at NFPA, we use an excellent risk management service from iJET that provides frequent travelers with situation reports and warnings about all kinds of threats around the globe. Today we received an extensive report on expected extreme weather conditions and potential wildfires. The warning said that record high temperatures are possible in some areas of California, Nevada, and/or Arizona and that triple-digit temperatures are expected from the Mexican border northward as far as Redding, California. There are already heat warnings out for southern Nevada and much of Arizona. Their analysis also said that conditions for wildfire growth are likely during this time. 


What should you do about it? Stay alert to local warnings to keep safe in extreme heat, and prepare in case your area experiences high fire danger days due to this heat wave. Use our tip sheet on what to do during "red flag days" to prepare your home and family should a wildfire start or spread. Having a plan and knowing what to do can keep you cool when conditions heat up.