NFPA opens registration for FEMA funded HIZ training in Jacksonville, Florida on September 13-14

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Jul 10, 2017


Picture by Faith Berry at 2017 Santa Fe FEMA funded  HIZ training


NFPA has opened the registration for the FEMA-funded 2 day (HIZ) Assessing Structure Ignition Potential from Wildfire training in Jacksonville, Florida for September 13-14.  This valuable training is a must have for fire service personnel who works in areas at risk of loss from wildfire.  Wildfires are growing in intensity and frequency and are causing greater loss in areas across the nation like Tennessee, Kansas, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Hawaii and other states and regions people don't always think are at risk from wildfire hazards.


If you work as a firefighter, fire prevention officer, fire marshal or in another capacity with any local, county, volunteer, tribal or state fire department apply today for your opportunity to attend this class (so sorry but Federal employees are not eligible).  Training provided in this class will help fire service personnel better understand why homes burn during wildfires and how to share with homeowners what steps they can take that can help them reduce their risk of loss due to a wildfire.


Costs covered by the FEMA grant include registration, course materials, travel, per diem for meals and hotel costs.  This is a great opportunity for small and financially challenged fire departments to obtain this training that can help make a difference in the safety of their communities. Apply today for your opportunity to attend.