In Santa Barbara County, California 80 children campers were rescued from the Whittier Fire.

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Jul 17, 2017

According to news reports, eighty children who were camping at the Circle V Ranch were trapped at the site by the Whittier Fire. The fire had crossed the road that was the main access to the camp and there were falling trees and other road hazards that prevented them from leaving the campground during the fire. Firefighters made heroic efforts to keep the children safe and bulldoze a route for them to evacuate from the wildfire on.


On the Circle V web page, they shared that they provided activities and programs for children that were typical of a summer camp such as hiking, swimming, crafts etc.  According to the web page on the Circle V Campground website, the camp will be closed for the rest of the season.  It also shared that the craft shack and health office cabins were lost.  Additionally, their water treatment facility was damaged.  No estimated cost of the damage was shared.


Another wildfire, the Alamo Fire burned only an hour away from the location of the Whittier Fire in Santa Barbara County.  According to CAL FIRE’s website 990 fire service personnel have been sent to respond to that fire. A State of Emergency by the California governor has been declared in Santa Barbara County due to these wildfires.  Weather conditions including hot and dry weather accompanied by unusual winds contributed to the rapid spread of the fire.


During this year’s growing wildfire season, NFPA has produced wildfire safety tips that can help you take some actions quickly to prepare your home for a wildfire.