NASA’s satellites track wildfire activity around the globe

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Aug 16, 2017

NASA image of wildfires in Canada

Wildfire activity has been reported this year in areas across the globe by NASA satellites. These satellites are able to detect large amounts of smoke on the ground and pinpoint the fire activity.  An August 4 Modis Satellite report shared for instance where wildfire activity was occurring on the Island of Greenland which is mainly covered in ice.  The western side of the island is the area where most of the activity is occurring.


In Portugal, firefighters are battling at least 60 wildfires according to satellite images.  According to the NASA report low air humidity’s, high winds, and high temperatures are contributing to the severity of the wildfires there.  Seventy-nine percent of the Portuguese mainland has been affected by drought this year as well.

NASA images of wildfires in Russia

The Western area of Canada according to the satellite images is also being impacted by multiple wildfires.  According to the report, the province of British Columbia has the highest fire activity and highest National Preparedness level at a 5 out of 5.  About 1,245,000 acres have been affected this year alone in British Columbia.


Other areas across the globe noted by satellites that are impacted by wildfire include Central Africa, Brazil, and  Siberia in Russia.   You can check out the latest NASA YouTube videos of fire and smoke on the NASA website.