Need funding?  FEMA Disaster Mitigation Funding can be used to help communities work towards reducing their risk of loss to wildfire

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Aug 25, 2017

Wildfire image submitted by Sammy Moore III New Jersey


What is funded: FEMA is providing grant funding to assist communities with pre disaster mitigation projects, to help communities better prepare themselves.  For communities working towards making themselves safer from wildfire, this is an opportunity to check into, if there are people who are willing to dedicate time and offer their expertise to manage the grant.  A resource guide is provided by FEMA that highlights suggestions for disaster preparedness activities to help communities better plan for disasters.  In the resource guide, in section WF-6 the booklet describes suggestions for retrofitting at risk structures including updating roofs and home siding.  The booklet also describes in section WF-7 suggestions for making improvements in the vegetation immediately surrounding structures.


Who can apply:  According to the FEMA website, states, US territories, local governments, and federally recognized tribes can apply for the funding. According to their web page, "Local governments are eligible sub applicants and can sponsor applications on behalf of homeowners to submit”.


When is the application period: For 2017, the application period is August 14 through November 14. 


How to apply: The Notice of Funding opportunity (NOFO) is posted on the federal grant website. The 2017 PDM Fact sheet provides an overview of the agencies priorities for this year.  

For more information about this funding opportunity check out the FEMA website.  For additional information about how you can help better prepare your home and neighborhood check out the Firewise Website.