New tools guide residents through Firewise renewal process

Blog Post created by msnow Employee on Sep 7, 2017

A recent update to the Firewise USA™ annual renewal process was developed to make submitting the required information easier, but to also help NFPA collect better data on the risk reduction activities completed across the country throughout the year. As a result, you may notice some changes when submitting this year’s information. This year resident leaders will use the new Firewise portal launched in July to complete their renewals. The portal is a more efficient system than what we’ve had in the past, and at the end of this year we believe it will allow us to tell a better

story about the accomplishments Firewise sites have made.


Renewal blog photoThis year, NFPA will still be collecting the investment data that sites have contributed to their risk reduction efforts, but through the new portal, both monetary efforts and time contributions are automatically calculated. The new renewal breaks down the investment into categories where you just input the dollars and hours you’ve spent. This will allow you to add and save your activities throughout the year and help you keep track of the work being done. When it comes to reporting your volunteer hours, we’re asking participants to share what type of work is being done and where. Having this information provides a clearer picture of the accomplishments each Firewise site has made and it will help you keep better historical information to look back on in future years.


The Vegetation Removal section is a brand new feature that was added based on feedback we’ve received during past renewal seasons. Along with their Chipper Day, many Firewise sites also give us a total amount of vegetation taken out of their community in their narrative. Now the Firewise portal provides a place to capture and store that information, so over the years it will be easier to view and track efforts.


There’s a lot of great work being done to reduce wildfire risk within the more than 1,400 Firewise sites across the country. Our goals this year were to create a tool to help you manage your Firewise site and to gather information that participants can be proud of!


With any new system, there are questions and we have a training document and a training video available to help guide you through the portal. This year’s renewal deadline is November 15, 2017. If you have any questions about how to log-in, use the portal or what information you can include in your renewal, you can reach our customer service team at