Growing wildfire safety by growing a sense of community

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Sep 26, 2017

Picture submitted by Bob Kim of Dalton, Georgia for Wildfire Community Preparedness Day

The National Preparedness Month theme for the week is, Get involved! Be a part of something larger.  This theme made me think about successful Firewise sites that I had visited across the United States.  The most successful ones were those, where each person played an integral part in helping to make their neighborhoods safer from wildfire, using their unique talents and interest. 


It seemed that communities that achieved success tried to get to know each other and valued one another.  They realized that in order to create a safer environment for their family and home they needed to help others be safer too.  It was difficult to do alone.  I attended meetings where residents young and old offered their skills and abilities towards building safer places together.


Many of these vibrant neighborhoods did not just host meetings but also worked together to host fun events, where people felt more comfortable being genuine and had time to really get to know each other.   These neighborhood barbeques, picnics, progressive dinners and carnivals really were the heart of building a good foundation from which people could share what needed to be done and learned how to step up to help make a difference.  Every community can learn from these successes and be successful themselves in working together to grow wildfire safety.  Learn more about how easy it is for you to get started creating your own unique Firewise community today.

Picture submitted by Deborah Rice of North Fork, California for Wildfire Community Preparedness Day