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In honor of Fire Prevention Week and thanks to the good work of the Mid-Atlantic Forest Fire Protection Compact and the Northeastern Forest Fire Protection Commission along with QuickSeries Publishing, a free mobile app in both English and Spanish is now available to help people prepare for and recover from wildfire damages.


NFPA has partnered with the Compact and the Commission to ensure the app is available for free unlimited downloads for one year. This timely information, provided from the convenience of a smartphone or tablet device, can help people not only prepare their homes and families before a wildfire, but also provide critical knowledge and resources to help them recover more quickly after a fire has occurred.


While the app contains regionally specific information for the northeastern United States and eastern Canada, it is rich with information on wildfire preparedness and post-fire recovery that can help residents throughout North America. The settings feature within the app allows users to set the language to English or Spanish.

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According to NFPA Wildfire Division Manager Michele Steinberg, “The app is easy to navigate. It’s well organized with attractive graphics, quick tips, and links to all of the most important information people need to know to get prepared and be safer. It’s very well-aligned to the messages and information that NFPA provides on wildfire safety, and helps people in the U.S. find out how to engage in the Firewise USA™ Recognition Program, and those in Canada how to access FireSmart resources. As Californians cope with a major wildfire disaster unfolding during this Fire Prevention Week, it’s my hope that the recovery information, in particular, may be helpful to them.”


Fred Turck, Prevention Program Manager for the Virginia Department of Forestry, shared, "Education is one tool we have to help protect people, homes, and places from the threat and damages of wildfires. This new app is one of the best tools we have had in our educational toolbox for many years and I appreciate the collaboration between all those involved in making this available."



Click here to download the app from iTunes® or Google Play®.                                                                                        (LINK:



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