FLASH, Federal Alliance for Safe Homes, National Disaster Resilience Conference

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Nov 15, 2017

FLASH (The Federal Alliance for Safe Homes) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting safer better-built homes.  I attended the National Disaster Resilience Conference hosted by FLASH in Atlanta, Georgia on October 25-27 which brought together some of the industry leaders in preparedness including architects, researchers, insurance industry leaders, political leaders as well as leaders in the media including NBC and the Weather Channel.   The main topic was; how can we be more resilient in light of the billion dollar recent disasters that occurred across the US, including the hurricanes in Florida and Texas and the recent Northern California wildfires?


According to the FLASH Newsroom, “We are bringing together some of the best minds in our movement at this critical time to rethink the way we approach disasters in the United States,” said FLASH President and CEO Leslie Chapman-Henderson. “Together, we must identify ways to overcome these extraordinary challenges and profoundly improve disaster outcomes. At the end of the conference, we will outline a statement of priorities to mitigate the deaths, injuries, and destruction unfolding all too often in communities across the country.”


Some of the speakers included Craig Fugate formerly with FEMA, Lt. General Russel L. Honore US Army retired, and Rick Knabb Ph.D., hurricane and tropical program manager with the Weather Channel.  They presented about a variety of topics on a host of natural disasters including hurricanes, tornados, and floods.  Some of the topics discussed were resilience in the workplace, building with new emerging products and technologies, and of particular interest was how to partner with traditional media to tell a new story about how to be more resilient in the event of a disaster.