Work together to create a successful Wildfire Community Preparedness Day application

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Dec 6, 2017

A great new post-holiday tradition can be, working together with fellow neighbors, and reaching out to potential agency, as well as local potential business partners to assess your area’s wildfire risks and create a project plan to increase your wildfire safety.  These projects can all be a part of your participation in the fifth annual Wildfire Community Preparedness Day made possible with generous funding from State Farm.

If you are looking for successful project ideas check out NFPA’s Wildfire Prep Day page.  The page shares success stories from last year and will also provide you with resources to help with the application process, starting January 8, 2018, including contest rules, a fillable flyer you can customize to promote your project and other project resources.

We can all have an important part to play and can work together to be a part of this important campaign to raise wildfire safety awareness and increase risk reduction activity.  It is a great way for you to get to know your neighbors, (including other residents, local businesses, and local agencies).  You might even make new friends working together and develop some lasting relationships that can be mutually beneficial.  This year get outside, get involved and be a part of something big! Use the attached downloadable PDF postcard to help get the word out!