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Fire service personnel, sign up today to attend (ASIP), Assessing Structure Ignition Potential from Wildfire formerly called HIZ training at no cost because of generous funding from FEMA

Blog Post created by Faith Berry Employee on Dec 18, 2017

Picture of field training in Massachusetts taken by Faith Berry

If you work as a fire service professional and would like to learn more about the science of how homes ignite during a wildfire, but your department has limited resources at this time for you to host a training, now is the time to applyNFPA is offering in 2018, three FEMA funded trainings titled, Assessing Structure Ignition Potential from Wildfire.  Each training will provide you with the knowledge you need about the science of how homes ignite during a wildfire as well as insights about how to share your knowledge with homeowners who want to improve their wildfire safety.


The application period for the first class in San Diego, California on February 6-7, 2018 opens (today December 18, 2017), and is limited to 35 students. The applications will be accepted on a first come first serve basis.  The funding will cover all costs of your training including materials, your lodging and travel if accepted.  You must be working for a local or state department as a fire service professional.  The skills that you gain will enable you to share with residents in your community about how they can better prepare their families, homes, and properties from wildfire.


There will be two other training opportunities offered in 2018 including one in Denver, Colorado on April 24-25 and one at NFPA headquarters in Quincy, Massachusetts on May 8-9.  The application period for the Denver training will open February 12 and the application for Quincy will open March 19. Students that have taken the training have shared with NFPA how it has helped them not only be able to better share with their community members what their risks are but also to make suggestions about how they can take simple steps to make their homes safer in the event of a wildfire. From one of our Santa Fe students, “The training is fantastic.  Having the science foundations makes the class more viable!”