A day with benefits – Wildfire Community Preparedness Day can result in many positive outcomes

Blog Post created by faithberry Employee on Jan 1, 2018


Wildfire Community Preparedness Day what is it?  According to fire science research, individual efforts do make a difference even in the face of a wildfire.  Wildfire Community Preparedness Day May 5, 2018, is a national day set aside for residents across the United States to have the opportunity to all take action to complete project work to create communities that are safer from wildfire.  It has increased awareness about the importance of wildfire safety and risk reduction projects and motivated participation by residents of all ages, firefighters, and forestry agencies in activities that increase their safety in the event of a wildfire. The purpose of the day is not only to educate and make people aware of their risk of loss to wildfire but also to get them to actively work on a project to reduce their risk of loss. 




Participation in Wildfire Community Preparedness Day results in many positive outcomes and will help build additional non-funded community efforts.  The national day generates growing engagement in wildfire preparedness activities by communities that participate in ongoing efforts that help make these positive outcomes become sustainable, repeatable, activities. Other positive outcomes include;


  1.        Increased collaborative efforts with fire departments, communities, and local representatives to identify, accept and take action to reduce their risk of loss due to wildfire.
  2.        Engaging youth in community-wide wildfire positive preparedness projects, they can learn from.
  3.        Assistance provided to seniors and other residents unable to complete preparedness projects.
  4.        Increased awareness of wildfire risk not only to residents but fire departments, realtors, landscapers and other industry leaders.  Helps create a positive press event!
  5.        Communities that have participated are now mentoring new community participation.
  6.        Engagement in project activity on the day is helping build healthy communities where residents care about each other.
  7.        Increased personal safety for citizens and firefighters.
  8.        Less damage and property loss due to the implementation of preparedness activities.
  9.        Homes better prepared and therefore able to survive a wildfire.
  10.        Less negative environmental impacts due to wildfire
  11.        Infrastructure such as cell towers, water systems etc. better protected from wildfire.
  12.        The reduced economic loss to business and as a result residents in the community.



Engagement on this day is growing.  Past participants have enjoyed being able to feel like they are making a difference as a part of something bigger.  This New Year don’t just think about making changes in your community, get involved and work together to make a real difference in your safety and the safety of the things and people you care about.  How will you participate?